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Studio Stoke is a publisher and writer based in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. What started out as documenting the Dutch kitesurfing scene through words, interviews and imagery, turned into the coffeetable book Kitekoppen in 2021. The following years, Studio Stoke has been documenting kitesurf culture for Red Bull and Access magazine and is slowly expanding into the realm of other sports, outdoor and adventure stories.


Kitekoppen –
tories from the Dutch kitesurfing scene, 2021

31 stories. 31 leaders from the Dutch kitesurfing scene. 31 times about why our hearts beat faster when we see white foam caps on the water. With more than 450 kilometers of coastline, international events, world champions and leading brands, the Netherlands is on the map when it comes to kitesurfing. Through breathtaking photos and interviews, this book takes you into the world of the people, stories, places and brands that make up this scene. Sold online and in selected shops.


Access Kiteboarding magazine #4 2022

Sustainability, every kitesurfing brand is talking about it. Unfortunately, we all know that the materials for our kites and boards are not the most sustainable. Making these products will always have an ecological footprint: chemicals, plastics and energy are used. But that said: kitesurfers do want to take care of the planet and our own playground.

To write down everything that happens in this area, you could already fill an entire Access number. In general, we can say that everyone is doing something and the industry is already well on its way. In this article you will find a selection of what the various kitesurfing brands are doing in terms of sustainability, based on their own websites. Not a complete and finite list, but inspiring: time to map out these initiatives.

Kite Park League Sicily
Access Kiteboarding magazine #2 2023

At the end of May, a selective group of kitesurfers traveled to Lo Stagnone, part of the island of Sicily, for the second stop of the Kite Park League. A three-stop tour, ending this fall with a final in Brazil. No double kiteloops or big air tricks in 30+ knots, but rails, kickers and large size kites with a light breeze. During the first stop in Patagonia, Argentina in February this year, the first 10 riders qualified for the finals in Brazil. Who won the other places for that final in Italy? Access reports on the competition in Sicily and spoke to Noé Font about the championship tour of kite park riding.



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